There and back again

Mr W. H. Duignan enjoys his birthday under The Bridge in 1904 (Walsall Local History Centre)

Mr W. H. Duignan enjoys his birthday under The Bridge in 1904 (Walsall Local History Centre)

It’s been more than half a year since my last post here, and a lot of not always pleasant water has gone under the (Walsall) bridge since then.

Bookshop photography shelved

The photography project with Southcart Books which I announced last time did gain some momentum, and I did some good events work there which met with approval I’m glad to say, but my health took a turn for the worse before Christmas, and I was so busy with looking after my mother and working on new writing projects (see my next post) that I was unable to continue with the photography due to lack of time at weekends.  So, the rest of that has been shelved for the foreseeable future.  Having said that, if Southcart manages to stay open (they’ve had their own difficulties, sadly, but have still put on some excellent events) I may be able to do some more in that quarter, though it’ll probably be next year now.

Moving on

Due to the aforementioned personal issues, things have been really difficult, and I’ve struggled. So, what with the need to make time for paid work, especially non-fiction, research and consultancy, I’ve also, reluctantly, had to put all of my local journalism and history work on ice, again for the foreseeable future.  I simply don’t have time for these things anymore outside of my day job, which itself has been cut back over the past few years, and now one of the main events which I’ve covered regularly since 2006, Bloxwich Carnival, has fallen by the wayside, which is rather sad.  So, The Bloxwich Telegraph and Walsall North News are now basically out of the picture after twelve years hard but rewarding work, although I’ve left the website and social media pages online for reference purposes. It’s time to move on, and a clearing of the decks is inevitable.

Anyway, for those of you who find my occasional ramblings, meanderings and wanderings about my writing  interesting, my apologies for the break in normal service, as it were. I’m back, and I’ll do my best to stay back. 🙂

Stuart Williams

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