Wizard’s Apprentice supports Walsall bookshop!

A. Stuart Williams with Southcart Tales

A. Stuart Williams with Southcart Tales

After much recent hubbling and bubbling, not to mention toil and trouble, my latest short story, The Wizard’s Apprentice, has hit the streets running today as part of an anthology published in support of our much-loved local indie bookstore, Southcart Books in Walsall. I am delighted to say that all profits from the book, which is entitled Southcart Tales, will go to the shop’s proprietors Scott Southey and Amy Carter to help towards the costs of their present move to larger premises.

An informal collective of local authors known as The Southcart Storytellers, of which I have the pleasure of being a member, has recognised the massive support given to local and regional writers by Southcart Books over the past two years and recently came together to create the multi-genre collection of stories to ‘pay it back’.

Of Wizards and Warriors

The Wizard’s Apprentice, a humorous tale in the sword & sorcery genre, is the beginning of the magickal adventures of one Eadgar of Sloth, an unemployed barbarian warrior who decides on a career change – to apprentice wizard! Eadgar, though he tries hard, is a bit of a fish out of water, and in the story, which I hope will expand into at least a novella, an old friend comes back one night to disturb his dinner and help get him into even more trouble…

This is my first sword & sorcery effort since the late 1990s, so I hope that readers will be kind, but more importantly that they will find it enjoyable.

This first publication of The Wizard’s Apprentice is non-exclusive, so if any other publishers are interested in publishing the story, or might be interested in the extended version, please do get in touch!

Something for everyone
Some of The Southcart Storytellers present their book to Amy and Scott (centre) at the new premises

Some of The Southcart Storytellers present their book to Amy and Scott (centre) at the new premises

The nine stories in Southcart Tales reflect the wide-ranging interests of the authors, offering the reader everything from literary fiction through science fiction, sword & sorcery and psychological horror. They come from the pens of James Josiah, Dan Oram, Neil Sehmbhy, Rob Grimes, Kerry Hadley-Pryce, Bekki Pate, Ken Preston (publishing through Amazon on behalf of the group), Lucy Onions and of course myself. Cover photography is by Craig Beas. A special foreword by noted fantasy author Stan Nicholls is also included.

Southcart Tales book cover

Southcart Tales is available to buy online NOW for £4.99 plus postage as a 136 page paperback book, or as a Kindle format ebook for £1.99, both via Amazon at the links below. It will also be available to buy in person at Southcart Books in Lower Hall Lane, Walsall, after they re-open in August 2016.  A launch and signing of the new book at the shop, which has already been gifted a number of paperback copies for stock, will be arranged as soon as convenient (date TBC).  Please do review the book on Amazon if you buy it!

Telephone Southcart Books on 07528 144837 for details of the shop and opening. Further information about the book may be found on the shop’s Facebook page and on Amazon (search for Southcart Tales on Amazon or click on the links below).

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