Out now and ready to read!

I have a few short stories out there in the wild at the moment which hopefully may interest anyone reading this.

Flash Fear cover

Most recently published is Things To Do In Whitby When You’re Dead, a little comic horror tale which you may identify with if you’ve ever been in the legendary English coastal town of Whitby in the rain!

It’s been published in an anthology entitled Flash Fear, edited by Jonathan Butcher, which can be purchased on Amazon in paperback format via the following link:


New Tales of the Old Ones cover

Also out now and dabbling in the horror/dark SF genre, there’s my little tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, The Nameless, which you’ll find, if you dare, in the new edition of New Tales of the Old Ones, edited by Theresa Derwin and Paul Simpson and published by KnightWatch Press.

Note: Don’t confuse this anthology with the 2013 version, which had some issues and didn’t review well…

For more info about the contents of this new volume, see:


You can buy this on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats via the following link:


Steam Flashes cover

Still keeping my hand in with the Steampunk genre, you can find a little tale from me, High Mission to Sagarmāthā, in Tenebrous Texts’ Steam Flashes anthology.

It stars my own creation, the Gravship Turbinia and her crew, when they undertake a rescue mission to Mount Everest, and you can buy the paperback from the publisher’s Etsy page:


Rat-A-Tat Cover

And for the moment, last but very definitely not least, still available is my very own hard-boiled space opera tale Minor Planet Mambo, which you can pick up as part of the multi-genre anthology Rat-A-Tat – Short Blasts of Pulp from Pro Se Productions, again in paperback or Kindle formats via Amazon:


Watch this space, as I have a few other irons in the fire!

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