Public reading coming up!

A Stuart Williams

Hi everyone!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be reading some of my science fiction work on Saturday 29th August 2015 as one of a number of guest authors at Southcart Books in Lower Hall Lane, Walsall, England.

The special event – Southcart Sci-Fi Summer – will be the the shop’s last for this summer and will take place between 11am-4.30pm. As of the time of writing I’ll be reading for up to 25 minutes from 11.10am.


This is the full reading programme as it stands today:

10.00am Southcart Books Opens

11.00am  WELCOME by Scott & Amy
11.05am  INTRO by MC Adrian Middleton
11.10am  A. Stuart Williams
11.35am  Theresa Derwin
12.00pm  Neil Sehmbhy

12.25pm – 1.10pm Lunch Break for Mingling and Browsing

1.10pm-1.35pm  Adrian Middleton
1.35pm-2.00pm  Sean P. Chatterton
2.00pm-2.25pm  Steve Jones

2.25pm-2.50pm  Mid-Afternoon Break 

2.50pm-3.15pm  Alex Davis
3.15pm-3.40pm  Simon Marshall-Jones
3.40pm-4.00pm  Colum Paget
4.00pm  Thanks & goodbyes by Scott, Amy and Adrian

4.30pm  Shop Closes

Admission is free of charge and there will be book signings, readings and refreshments. Seats are limited so I recommend you arrive early!


Here’s the poster below – click to get a larger version for printing.

Southcart Sci-Fi Summer poster

Southcart Sci-Fi Summer poster


If you’re on Facebook you can also sign up the event page there, and get more information and interaction that way. Here’s the link:

Southcart Sci-Fi Summer

Hope to see some of you there!


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