On the Brummagem book trail today!


Well, it’s time for some book fun today – and a little experiment in mobile blogging – I’m editing and uploading this live from my iPad Mini on the bus from Walsall to Brum as I beat a path to the Birmingham Independent Book Fair!

This looks like a fascinating event for book-lovers, and if you see me there, do say hi :0)

The Fair, which is taking place at the Ikon Gallery (see website below for location) between 11am – 5pm, offers free admission and the opportunity to buy and discover new books, many of which you may not have seen offline.

Of course, the most interesting thing about this event is that it will be jam-packed with independent publishers from the West Midlands and beyond, selling their books direct – books you probably won’t find in many of the big corporate book shops, so now is your chance to fill up on some great new or less well-known authors and fresh ideas, not to mention chatting directly to the publishers and probably some of the authors themselves.

I’m hoping to renew a few acquaintances and see what everyone’s up to. I might even let a few moths out of the wallet :0)

According to the organisers the West Midlands Independent Publishers’ Network (which is convened by Writing West Midlands) there will be everything from poetry pamphlets to prose fiction, graphic novels to science fiction and fantasy, and a wide range of forms and genres will be represented. Sounds good!

There will also, they say, be a programme of events running throughout the day.

The publishers involved are:

Twin Books http://www.twinbooks.co.uk/

Fringeworks http://www.fringeworks.co.uk/

Flarestack Poets http://www.flarestackpoets.co.uk

William Gallagher http://williamgallagher.com/

Boo Books http://boobooks.net/

Pigeon Park Press http://www.pigeonparkpress.com

Cinnamon Press http://www.cinnamonpress.com

Silhouette Press http://www.silhouettepress.co.uk

Cannon Poets http://www.cannonpoets.org.uk

Shadow Publishing http://www.shadowpublishing.webeasysite.co.uk/index.html

TJB Press http://tombrysonwriter.wordpress.com

Offa’s Press http://www.offaspress.co.uk

Black Pear Press http://www.blackpear.net

The Alchemy Press http://www.alchemypress.co.uk

Ellie Stevenson http://elliestevenson.wordpress.com

Nine Arches Press http://www.ninearches.press.com

Gingernut Books http://www.gingernutbooks.co.uk/sophie-sparham.html

Crowded Quarantine http://www.crowdedquarantine.com

Foxwell Press http://www.facebook.com/FoxwellPress

Fair Acre Press http://www.fairacrepress.co.uk

Five Seasons Press http://www.fiveseasonspress.com

The Cassowary Press http://www.casspress.com

The event is organised in collaboration with Ik0n. http://www.ikon-gallery.org

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