This week’s ‘Memory Lane’ in the Walsall Chronicle

Memory Lane by Stuart Williams Walsall Chronicle 25 July 2013

For the local history fans out there, my latest Memory Lane feature (see above and click for larger version) is published in the Walsall Chronicle newspaper this week (cover date July 25 2013), on page 18.

Titled Relics of proud industrial borough between the wars, it’s a look at some of the images one can glean from those proud civic publications which promoted the many advantages, especially industrial, of Walsall County Borough, as it was then, in the 1920s and 30s.

There are some great and rare pictures to be found in these and other old books about Walsall, and some wonderful cover artwork like the Art Deco examples shown in the feature.

There’s only so much one can put in a half page, as you can see from the scan reproduced above, so if this piques your interest for more, why not drop into Walsall Local History Centre some time?

See: for details of the Centre and its services, location, opening times etc.

As ever, if you don’t receive the Walsall Chronicle through your door, you can catch up with it in the electronic version online, which is usually available from the Saturday of the week in which it is published.

It and other regional editions are available via this link (the site requires Flash so may not work on some mobile devices):

Stuart Williams

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