Gravship Turbinia takes flight in eSteampunk magazine!

eSteampunk March 2013

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am proud to be able to announce to you the arrival of my Victorian Steampunk Novelette Gravship Turbinia upon the World Stage via the Babbage-set pages of eSteampunk magazine Vol. 01, No. 05, March 2013!

Available NOW from the eSteampunk section of the eFiction magazine website in PDF, ePub or Mobi ebook formats, and additionally for the ‘Nook-book’ of Messrs BARNES & NOBLE via their site or SHORTLY via that other noted Digital Emporium the ‘Source of the Amazon’ ‘pon that Colonial Difference Engine known as ‘The Kindle’.  Note that if you have a Canuck-ish Kobo ereader, the ePub download above should work therein.

This tale seeks to offer a mix of Adventure, Invention, Amazement, Alternate History, Speculative Technology, Danger and Feats of Derring-Do performed for your Edification, Excitement and Entertainment by a cast of Real historical characters within Real events in a world altered Out of Time by a veritable Twist of Fate.

And the hero is from Walsall!

“THRILL to the howl of the remarkable Humber Falcon; be AMAZED at the sight of a literal air-ship WITHOUT VISIBLE MEANS OF SUPPORT, nor yet any sign of Archaic Gas-baggery; MEET the Empire’s greatest-ever engineers; CHEER the daring crew of the historic Turbinia and BOO the dastardly enemies of the EMPIRE upon which the sun never sets.”

May I commend to you also the other fine Stories, Poetry, Articles and Art within said Publication, offering as they do a Most Complementary collection of Steampunkery to delight the Eye and the Intellect alike?

And all for just $3.99 (£2.62), may I say?

Finally, if you should enjoy my little contrivance, Dear Friends, may I yet hope for your VOTE as eSteampunk Story of the Month?

Thanking you kindly for your Patience and most Kind Attention,

I Remain, Messieurs et Mesdames,

Your Most Obedient Servant,

A. Stuart Williams, Esq,
Author & Scrivener.

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