Gravship Turbinia to be published in eSteampunk

Gravship Turbinia - artwork by Jeremy McHugh

I am delighted to announce that an updated version of my ‘hard steampunk’ story Gravship Turbinia has been accepted for publication in the March 2013 edition of the excellent eSteampunk magazine.

The hero of this tale is Flight Lieutenant S.N. ‘Pebbler’ Webster, Walsall’s greatest aviator and real-life test pilot, whom I have time-shifted to an alternate history 1897.

Needless to say he is in for the ride of his life!

Based on real-life historical events with a twist…

eSteampunk is part of the eFiction group of electronic magazines and is published on Amazon Kindle and in PDF, ePub (Kobo, Nook) and Mobi digital formats.

I will post a link to the download site when published.  In the meantime I have removed the link to the earlier version of the story on this site.

Meanwhile I am already at work on another steampunk story set far away from our solar system, for a charity anthology.  Watch this space!

Stuart Williams

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