What’s in a [street] name? Latest Chronicle article

Historic Elmore Row street sign

Local history fans in the Walsall area who have been following my Local Heritage features in the Walsall Chronicle newspaper from 2001 – 2010 and since 2011 Memory Lane in the Chronicle series, both published by the Express & Star, may be interested in having an early view of my latest article, which is about the historic origins of street names.

And some may in any case also be pleased to know that you can read the excellent Chronicle series of newspapers online, for free – even if you never receive the paper version in your area!

By way of a preview to February’s article when it reaches the Walsall Chronicle (probably next week) you can read it in now, in the online edition of the 28th February 2013 Cannock Chronicle via the following link:

Cannock Chronicle

You’ll need to click through the pages to page 10 and then zoom in using the tools shown on the page viewer.

For the whole Chronicle newspaper series online, follow this link;

Chronicle series

For those of you whose browser or mobile device will not work with the above sites, you can also download a pdf version of just the Memory Lane page via this link:

Old names that reveal history of the streets

I hope you find this interesting, and if you do, you can find out much more about the fascinating and often surprising history of street names in the Walsall area by buying one of the various Street Names books that cover different parts of the metropolitan borough of Walsall.

Contact Walsall Local History Centre for further details.

Stuart Williams

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