An award from fellow writers

Barbara Carr presents the Norrey Ford Cup to Stuart Williams.

I’ve been a member of Walsall Writers’ Circle off and on for about four years  now.  They’re a long-established group (1960s!) for writers of all styles and modes whether fiction, non-fiction or poetry, and it’s a very welcoming group that I wholeheartedly recommend to both aspiring and established writers living in the Walsall area of England.

They managed to surprise me on Thursday 11 October, however, when out of the blue they awarded their prestigious Norrey Ford Cup to me for my writing over the past year.

In a press release from the Circle sent to local newspapers, the Circle’s Chair Margaret Woods said about the award:

“The Norrey Ford Cup is a very special award given annually at The Walsall Writers’ Circle.  A well-known Walsall writer of novels, short stories and articles and one time chairman of The Romantic Novelists Association, Norrey started the Walsall Circle in order to encourage local would-be writers. Her work bore much fruit.

“Several novelists developed with her help as well as short story writers; Radio items and article writers of various kinds also found success.  Norrey gave the cup to be awarded to the member who achieved the most success during a twelve month period with the accent on new writers. Sadly, Norrey is no longer with us but her memory continues as her influence is still felt.”

It’s a great honour for me to receive this solid silver cup from the Circle, and I thank them for this surprise award.  It means a lot to be appreciated by fellow writers, and the Norrey Ford Cup has a lot of history behind it. I have given it pride of place in my study where most of my writing and editing is done.

The cup was presented to me by Barbara Carr (pictured, above), herself a prolific novelist and writer for many years.  It will be held by me for twelve months.

It was also at this meeting that the Circle said its farewell to Park Hall School, which has hosted the Circle for around 30 years.  The members are looking forward to a new venue in the Broadway North Centre on Broadway North, Walsall where there is a larger room that will cater for its growing numbers.

The first meeting to be held in the Broadway North Centre is this Thursday 8 November when speaker Mary Bodfish will be providing a talk entitled, “As Easy as ABC; how our alphabet developed”.  The meeting starts at 7.30 pm.

For more information visit or email the Secretary, Alison Reed, on

The Circle also has a Facebook page: Writers’ Circle Facebook

and can be followed on Twitter:

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