Gravship Turbinia – published in Science Fiction Freedom

Gravship Turbinia - story by Stuart Williams, art by Jeremy McHugh

Gravship Turbinia - story by Stuart Williams, art by Jeremy McHugh. Science Fiction Freedom, September 2011.

I’m delighted to announce that the excellent online magazine or ‘ezine’ SCIENCE FICTION FREEDOM has now published my Steampunk story GRAVSHIP TURBINIA in their Steampunk Special Issue No. 5, September 2011.

GRAVSHIP TURBINIA is an entirely new alternate history story, starring my new hero Flight Lieutenant Sid “Pebbler” Webster of the Imperial Air Corps.

Webster is closely based on the real RFC/RAF test pilot of the same name, who is most famous for winning the 1927 Schneider Trophy flying a Supermarine S5 seaplane, an ancestor of the famous Spitfire fighter.

In the story I have placed him in 1897 rather than 1927, in a technologically very different British Empire where history has taken a few different turns than in our own timeline, and in which he has a pivotal mission to perform which does not turn out quite as expected.

In the story he also becomes involved with a number of real and remarkable historical characters who, in this case, take a rather different direction to what you may know of their real lives.

The fictional Turbinia is inspired by the actual Victorian British steam ship, the first to be powered by a steam turbine engine.  I’ll say no more as that would spoil the surprise…

I plan to write more about Webster, his world and Turbinia, so watch this space!

The artwork accompanying GRAVSHIP TURBINIA is by artist and illustrator Jeremy McHugh, whom I would like to thank for doing such an excellent job. You can view more of Jeremy’s work at his McHugh Studios website via this link.

To read GRAVSHIP TURBINIA and find out more about Science Fiction Freedom, check out issue 5 FREE of charge via the following link. I hope you will enjoy my story – and if you are a steampunk fan, you are in for a 53-page treat!:

– Stuart

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