New blog, new world

Underwood No. 5

Hi all,

Welcome to my writing life!

I’m a writer, historian and photographer living in the Midlands of England, and my latest escapade is to try and break into the world of steampunk, science fiction and fantasy writing.  Tough mission, I know, but I’m already having so much fun, I just can’t stop!

While I’m no stranger to online writing, twittering and web publishing, this is my first-ever blog about my own work, and matters that impinge on that.  Seems like a good way to try and get my head round things, and if I can impart even the occasional dribble of what passes for hard-won wisdom, that would be great.

Equally, I’m sure I’ll learn as much or more from fellow writers ‘out there’, so if this tiny rift in the data continuum can act as a wormhole to your dimension, so much the better.

I’ve no doubt it will take a while to get this show on the road, so please be patient :O)

If you find my ramblings even remotely interesting from here on in, I hope you’ll stay with me, and that will make it all worthwhile :O)


A. Stuart Williams

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